Change is in the Air

You can smell it!

Folks, I don’t know where you live (yet) but there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had some rain recently. 

Happy Days! 

Especially those of you living in the border lands of Queensland and NSW… you lucky, lucky, damp sods.

While we could do with some more, I can’t complain, because in my neck of the woods (or what’s left of them) for the first time in a long time all the bushfires have been extinguished, the grass is green, the cattle aren’t foraging for fodder 24/7 and some of our creeks have puddles in them now.

Again, Happy Days! 

This was taken before the dry got much worse…

Frankly, things are so good I saw a farmer’s face grimace into a smile this week!

Sadly, it was gone by the time I whipped out my phone to capture the momentous occasion, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

But things really are so pleasant right now, that I’ve taken to driving round with my windows down to revel in the smell of freshly scrubbed air, the scent of flowering trees and plants and the delightful aroma of newly mown grass.

Have I uttered the phrase ‘Happy Days’ yet?

Also, flocks of birds are gorging themselves on the bonanza of bugs bought forth by the rain; although my windscreen has made a bit of a dent in the local flying insect population.

Green! Good for the eyes, better for the cows.

On the downside, driving with my windows down also means I’m being frequently fumigated by the choking exhaust fumes from the many 4WD’s and trucks I get stuck behind.

I’m no stranger to this because, as a lad, air-conditioned cars were rarer than, well, a happy farmer, so being constantly engulfed in exhaust fumes was something we simply lived with; that, and vinyl seats which removed several layers of skin from any part of your body that unwittingly came into contact with the lava-hot plastic.

These days, while I’m extremely grateful vinyl car seats have gone the way of the Dodo, thanks to air-conditioning very few of us have any idea of what smells (good or bad) are surrounding our hermetically sealed vehicles.

We really are cut off from nature while we’re out and about. 

Especially those of you living in a major city.  On a visit to Brisbane last year, I stepped outside my air-conditioned unit to get some fresh air and was forced back indoors by the pong of exhaust fumes.

Once my lungs had refilled with enough air to attempt speech, I loudly declared we’ll be the last generation to live with this level of airborne pollution.

In the next decade, as more electric vehicles hit our cities gridlocked streets, they won’t be emitting any fumes. 

Think about that for a moment; no more diesel or petrol fumes!

No more smog!

No more engine din!

No more haze on the horizon indicating a large metropolis is nearby!

No more air quality warnings on the news!

People living in central business districts will be able to smell, for the first time in generations, what their city’s actual scent is. 

And, whatever that smell is, we’ll soon find out, because the other big thing in the air right now is: Change.

Happy Days!

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