Electric Vehicle Pros!

This week Dear Reader, I’d like to go through some of the pros of Electric Vehicles that may be coming our way much sooner than we think.

First up, I imagine that most EV’s will be semi-autonomous, i.e.: capable of self-driving, but under the control of a designated driver. 

Although, I reckon it won’t be long before our faith in autonomous EV autos’ is so high we’ll happily let our cars carry us along while we pretend to be in control… sort of like a long-term marriage.

Anyway, let’s begin with some of the stuff you can have right now:

More free time – no more wasted weekends wrestling, sweating and swearing under the bonnet!  Goodbye timing light!  Farewell oil pan!  Toodle-oo spark plug gapper, oil filter remover, radiator coolant and a whole stack of other tools, fluids and gadgets we will no longer need as the infernal combustion engine goes the way of the typewriter, fax machine and greasy, oil stained hands.

Improved Safety – no more stepping or slipping in puddles of spilled fuel at service stations for starters.  Ditto for oil stains on your driveway, garage floor and lawn.

Meanwhile, on the road, your vehicle will be constantly scanning for cyclists, pedestrians, potholes, suicidal animals and drivers who like to brake suddenly for no reason at all.  Your car will immediately take evasive action to keep you safe. 

And for those who scoff, trust me, your reflexes may good, but they’re not that good.  Want to bet your life on it? 

Laughing at rising fuel prices – Look, I’m already laughing now and I’m still driving a petrol engine car.  It’s possibly due to the anticipation of soon being able to slide by service stations without having to check the advertised prices.  Or, I’m just a happy sort of person.

Probably a combination of both. 

No More Exhaust Fumes – people, I live in Gladstone, a rural city in central Queensland.  A city filled to overflowing with diesel belching, possum squashing, bush-bashing 4WD’s and trucks.  How I long for the day I can drive around my neck of the woods with the windows down and not be engulfed in billowing clouds of exhaust fumes.

However, while my eyes, skin, hair, clothes and lungs will be extremely grateful, I’ll have to find another way to kill off the flying insects which invade my cars’ interior during the warmer months while I’m cruising al fresco.

Finally, here’s my wish list for future EV’s I’d like to see become reality:

Cheaper Registration – vehicle rego’s could/should be cheaper as they’ll no longer be based on how many cylinders are pumping up and down in your engine because, there is no engine!  Of course, I’m fairly certain the Govt. will find another way to gouge us long-suffering motorists. 

Which brings us rather conveniently to…

No Traffic Fines – Question: if your self-driving car is speeding who gets the ticket?

Answer: Nobody, because your car will be festooned with all the necessary technology to maintain the correct speed at all times

Which naturally begs the next question:

What will the Govt. do with all their defunct radars, cars, vans and highway patrol cops in the near future?

Answer: Quite frankly, who cares?!

No more slow drivers – on every trip I manage to get stuck for miles behind some driving ditherer who travels at 15kph below the posted speed limits (Note: until they get to an overtaking lane, at which point they channel the ghost of Peter Brock to stay in front of me). 

Self-driving cars means the end of selfish, uncaring or unwitting slow drivers having more frustrated followers than Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts.

Although, autonomous EV’s will also mean the end of me being able to tailgate slower drivers.  Not a bad thing; I think.

Your car locates you outside the shops – folks, do you dream of a time when you no longer have to go on a death march through an endless, steaming hot, carpark to find your car?  Imagine it coming to you at the press of a button!  AND, the aircon will have had time to cool the car down before you get into it!  Bliss…

Anyway, that’ll do for now.  There are probably many more pros to owning an EV in the near future, and I honestly can’t wait to find out what they are.

In the meantime, I’ll ignore the Fossil Fool Brigade bleating about perceived negatives of EV’s. 

They’ll see the light; eventually.

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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