By the People, for the Lobbyists

Folks, I’m always delighted when a politician tells the truth, especially if they didn’t mean to at the time. 

Such was the case with Senator Matt Canavan in 2017 when he was forced to step down during the dual citizenship fiasco. 

A rare shot of an unhappy Matt not wearing Hi-Vis clothing

Matt blamed his mother for the oversight regarding his nationality paperwork (which also made him one of the early adopters of the right-wing, ultra-religious, LNP male’s practice of tossing females under the nearest bus to protect their career… even if it is their own, dear, ol’, mum).

Happily, before Matt could sling another unwitting woman into the traffic, he was forced to step down from his job while his ‘Ocker’ credentials were assessed.

It was at this point he released the following Tweet that left nobody in any doubt as to who Matt was truly working for: 

A Hi-Vis Matt is a happy Matt

Many voters were outraged because, for some reason, they were under the impression Matty was supposed to be diligently toiling for the people in his electorate, not shilling for mining corporations. 

Personally, I found Matt’s honesty quite refreshing.  Unlike some politicians who weasel around the edges.

For example, I snapped this picture back in 2019 near Biloela.

The farmers can fend for themselves… apparently

Now, I’ve spent some time tinkering in mines and heavy industry over the years, so it came as a bit of a shock to learn that Ken was really on our side. 

Especially since he had consistently voted with his party to reduce union access, workers rights, conditions and pay.  Plus, I’d never seen Ken speaking at any of our stop work meetings, or donating groceries to workers striking for improved safety conditions.

Then it dawned on me, the only mining jobs Ken was really keen to protect were Gina’s, Adani’s, Twiggy’s and Clyde’s.

So, a small, but vital, amendment to the sign would read:  Ken O’Dowd protecting mining Barons’ jobs

I can live with that level of openness. 

Which is why I’m pushing for a motion that would force all politicians (yes, even Labor, the Greens and every Independent) to clearly display the logos on their suits of the companies who they really represent; just like sportsmen do.

So we’ll know who owns their shiny backsides before they even open their mouths.

Scomo says: The burgers are better

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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