Giving is Living

Kids, you’re turning out to be the best thing any person can be… Givers.

Right now, sitting in front of my monitor, is a little flower Elle Belle picked ‘just for you Grandad!’

She was supposed to be getting the frisbee she had thrown into the garden bed, but was slightly distracted on her mission.

Not that I’m complaining.

And the newest addition to our family, little Grandson Sun Bun, just over one year old and already knocking it out of the park.

Turned up at his place the other day and he greeted me at the door with a big smile; no doubt that will change someday, but, right now I’m going to enjoy the journey til the wheels fall off that particular Welcome Wagon.

Then he handed me a share of the greatest treasure he possessed – half a biscuit.

Sure, it was soggy and covered in what looked like dog hair, but it was an offering from the Gods so I took it and ate it, and made very appreciative sounds.

His eyes sparkled with delight; he had bought joy to one of the Big People.

Kids, the most important lesson you will learn in life is you don’t really own anything. No matter how many toys, tools, cars, homes, knick knacks, bits and bobs you collect, one day they’ll all belong to someone else, or end up at the dump.

But, you’ll never lose your reputation for being kind, considerate or giving.

And you’re off to a good start, continue to give with all your little hearts and watch the magic flow into your life. I’m not saying everyone will be appreciative, or return the favour, but that’s their problem, not yours.

Speaking of problems, I think the other thing I was given with that half-chewed biscuit was worms… still not complaining.


  1. It is always a delight to see one’s children, grandchildren and great grandchildren even if it is only to bring me clothes that need hemming or buttons to sew on or coming for a meal. It is also a delight when they go home, after they have done the washing up!!!!!!! Really, I do love you all and the same goes for Grandad Colin.


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