Mates over Medals

Kids, in the race of life there are winners and people who come last… who are also winners!

You see, the fact all of us were born and lived long enough to enjoy ice-cream means we’re all winners. 

Well, that’s how I see it anyway.

Unfortunately, your Grandad’s (arguably) low standard for who is a winner and who isn’t, is not shared by the wider world.  For some reason, the majority of people tend to praise those who are basically fast, strong, fit, rich, pretty, talented or famous. 

But, they’re really missing something, because not everyone who wins a contest is the real winner. 

And this was hammered home at your cross country race this week Elle Belle. 

In the race before yours, I watched two boys racing neck and neck from the halfway mark.  They were totally determined to beat each other.  I don’t know who they were, but their competitive spirit really lifted the cheer squads of the two school-house teams they represented. 

As they neared the line the lead changed several times.  Then at the line, one of them fell over. 


But, that’s when the magic happened.  The other lad stopped, helped him up and they crossed the line together.

Kids, who was the real winner that day?

All of us were.

Because we were reminded that being a good, caring, decent person will always trump being the winner of a trophy, medal, ribbon, election, contest or cash prize.

And Elle Belle, you were also a winner that day.  We  turned out to cheer you on little mate, because you know how to ‘stride’, and you didn’t disappoint.  At the first turn you were in the lead pack and really stepping it out.  Then you looked around and noticed your little friend wasn’t near you. 

She was coming last.

So you stopped and waited for her to catch up.

It took quite a long while, but eventually the two of you strolled toward the finish line then ran the last 50 metres to glory; together.  To the cheers of all your family.

Sweetie, you didn’t win gold, but that really was a golden moment, and we were all there to see it.

Pity there wasn’t any ice-cream afterwards…     

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