Making Future You Happy

Hi Kids!  This is your Grandad writing from the past, to Future You! 

Um, I hope you’re having a nice time… oh yes, and that I’m still somewhere in the picture and still having a blast.

Anyway, Future You, is a buzz word which gets tossed around a lot these days (your past), but it’s actually quite a good concept. 

Basically, you make decisions based on what would please Future You. 

Not like this bloke:

I do quite a lot of things each day to keep Future Grandad smiling. One of them is brushing and flossing my teeth regularly, because when I smile, I don’t want there to be a lot of gaps. 

Plus, I don’t want one of Future Grandad’s choices to be which dentures I have to buy so I can keep eating tacos.

Also, I may not enjoy daily exercise and eating healthy-ish six days out of seven, but Present Me is quite glad Past Me decided to do those things a few years ago.  Sure, I may not look ‘ripped’, but I have a pretty good idea of what I’d look like if I’d hadn’t started looking after myself a bit better. 

Basically, like this bloke, ( I added the hair… and the likeness is a bit scary! )

Also, you don’t have to think of Future You as someone who exists years in the future (which hopefully you will). 

Often, Future Grandad is enjoying the things Past Grandad did only this morning, or yesterday. Like, when he made his bed, did the dishes, mopped the floor, chilled a couple of beers, cooked and stored a meal, and squirrelled away a few coins for a rainy day (which are few and far between in this town!)

This means Future Grandad (who will be turning up tonight) only has to relax and enjoy himself because the hard yards have been done. So, I’ll have guilt-free time to read, watch a movie, or finish writing this letter to you.

By the way, you may be wondering how writing to you is going to make Future Grandad happy? (Or you may not, I don’t care, this isn’t about you… mostly).

Well, it would make Future Grandad very happy to know, as I’m riding my motorcycle off a cliff at 98 years of age, that, as I’m plunging toward the sea below, you’ll have some idea of what made me tick, and have a useful toolbox of handy advice to draw upon when confronted with life’s big decisions.

Although, the only thing the jealous lover chasing me will see is my flailing arms as I try to fly while yodeling my way into eternity.

It may also explain your future strong desire to want to ride motorcycles (or whatever we’re using for transport then) at high speeds. 

(Actually, the quick answer to that is, because the bulk of life is really quite boring to be honest, and sometimes you have to spice things up a bit. BUT, please wear a helmet!  Because spending the rest of your life drooling into your lap because of a preventable head injury will not make Future You very happy at all; trust me on this!)

So, there you have it.  In a nutshell, do the things which will make Future You happy. 

I’m asking nicely too…

I’ll leave it up to you to make your own list, and sometimes the things Present You will have to do won’t be very enjoyable at the time, but honestly, you’ll really thank yourself later.

In the meantime, Present Grandad is going to tuck away a few more coins, just in case Future Grandad wants to invest in a fast motorbike.

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  1. I did think about seeing myself as ‘present me’ and ‘future me’, then I realised how much I don’t really care much for others, and how I’d always leave my problems for ‘future me’ to figure out.

    I’ll find my path someday. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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