Backflipping on State of Oz Politics

Folks, not so long ago I’d have cheerfully backed any push to remove all State Governments and replace them with super councils overseen by the Federal Government.

But, I’ve had a bit of rethink on the whole topic, and let’s just say I’ve abruptly changed my tune and basically, ripped out a backflip with a full pike and triple twist which would easily win Olympic gold.

Now, that’s not to say I’m totally won over by the all the things our state and territory leaders say and do, (or NOT say and do).  There’s still plenty of things which regularly make my eyes cross in rage, but, right now, in the light of the events of the past year and a half, I’ve watched them effectively work together in a way that would have made the Founders of our Federation mighty proud indeed.

Their handling of the Covid pandemic has been, overall, pretty good.  Unfortunately, the other thing they’re battling is an ineffective Federal Government, seemingly hell bent on undermining them at every stage (especially if you’re a Labor state), but happily taking credit for any of the hard yards achieved so far.

In spite of this, the State’s have gone above and beyond to keep their populace’s safe.  All the Feds had to do was sort out Quarantine (handballed it to the states) and Vaccinations (see ‘Quarantine’).

After the LNP trumpeted how amazing they were late last year in securing enough doses for every man, woman and wombat who wanted to be filled with anti-Covid juice, the sad reality for those of us patiently tapping our feet and frequently checking our calendars as we waited for the jab was: they didn’t appear to have a strategy, arrangement, policy or anything remotely resembling a national plan to administer the doses.

So, last week they did what they do best (apart from distracting us) dumped the vaccination ticking time bomb into the laps of the state and territory leaders.

Happily, in spite of an initial hiccup that resulted from hundreds of thousands of us rushing to book our shots, I received my first dose this week. 

I’m fairly convinced had the vaccine rollout (aka: Strollout) been left to ‘Team Big Announcement’, I dare say I, and pretty much everyone else who isn’t a politician, would still be waiting to be vaccinated this time next year.

This folks, is the sad state of political play in Oz. 

And right now, I’m wondering why we bother having a Federal Govt at all?

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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