Just Another Week

So, let’s recap:  last week the ocean caught fire – twice, the Federal Govt. got away with murder (again), I flew into a Covid lockdown and was genuinely shocked when some actual cold weather turned up in the middle of Winter.

What the…?!

But first, the good news.  Even though I hadn’t planned a fishing trip or motorcycling holiday, we had some decent rain here in Queensland.  So good in fact that a planned farm visit this week won’t be going ahead because, and the farmer could scarcely keep the joyful tone out of her voice, ‘it’s too boggy’. 

Now, while things are quite lush (but nippy) in my neck of the woods, spare a thought for the slightly singed folk in Europe and North America who are currently sweltering through the sort of record-breaking high temperatures their regions haven’t experienced since the local volcanoes stopped erupting.

Folks, when Mother Earth has a hot flush, she doesn’t muck around.    

Right on cue, as if reading from the well-thumbed pages of the manual, ‘You’re Not Helping and What You’re Doing is Seriously Making Things MUCH Worse!’, the dingbats in the fossil fuel industry had to take a few minutes out from counting their cash and deal with the PR disaster of two massive fires which, and I can’t write this without shaking my head, the ocean can’t put out!

Granted, it’s a disaster, but still, you have to be impressed.

Meanwhile, here in Oz, our Government, stung by global criticism of their super relaxed attitude to actually doing something, or anything, meaningful about curbing runaway climate change, immediately decided to dig deep and allow a couple of new coal mine owners to do the same. 

Then, because they were obviously in ‘the zone’, they catapulted the Deputy PM into the wilderness of the back benches and replaced him with a boozy, bumbling, cheating, climate change denier.

Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up.

So, right now, it’s time to take a deep breath and focus on the things I can actually do something about; for starters, beating the cool weather by breaking out a fleecy jacket and my fluffy bunny slippers. 

Just kidding.  I don’t own a fleecy jacket…

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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