Take My Car…. please!

Folks, recently I gazed down from my lockdown unit at some of the 600 e-scooters littering Brisbane’s inner-city district and wondered how long it will be when we see fleets of dinky, e-share, cars being dumped onto our city streets?

Well, wonder no more, good citizens!  Because several people who are obviously much quicker on the uptake than I’ll ever be (which, frankly, is not that high a bar to step over) are already onto something more innovative.

Check out this page (WAIT!  After you finish reading):  Car Sharing Across Australia | Car Next Door

Now, the cost of a taxi (or an Uber) to travel 15klm in inner city Brisbane will take 20 minutes and dent your bank balance by $50; or considerably more if the driver thinks you’re a backwoods hick (good to see free market, roving opportunism is still being practiced in the Big Smoke).

The same distance in a small share car will set you back roughly $25 and there’s over a 150 car sharing vehicles in Brisbane alone, including utes and vans. 

One of them, a little Honda hatch costs $6 an hour, or $36 for the day, plus $0.33 cents per km. 

So, even if you got lost and spent most of your day chewing up 150km trying to negotiate your way around Brisbane’s clogged suburban road network, it’s still going to leave you with enough change from a hundred bucks to buy a couple of beers and some hot chips to calm your nerves afterwards.

Importantly, many commentors stated the car was clean and smelled good.

This is a great selling point to people like me who always seem to wind up using public toilets after a footy team have been in them following curry night at the club.

And this is one of the good ones…

Right now, most of us prefer to drive our own cars, but it is a significant expense on our living costs, and a big problem for our road networks.  Especially when you think about how much time our cars spend sitting idle, at home or in car parks.

So, why not put your mooching, dollar soaking, auto to work when you don’t need it?

If car sharing took off potentially, since the Model T first rattled ashore, we’d see a reduction in the number of cars on our roads as more people turn to sharing/renting cars.

Why not, we do it with housing?

Less cars would also make it much safer for non-motorists to use our roads, possibly encouraging an uptake in biking, e-biking, scootering and walking.  Which would have the added benefit of improving our nations’ fitness levels while reducing smog (prove me wrong!)  

Anyway, I checked, and right now in my hometown, nobody has signed up to share their car, but the fact this scheme has been running successfully in our larger cities for a few years means it’s only a matter of time. 

Just out of interest, how many of you would like the chance to drive a rare, classic, 21-year-old Camry?

This unique vehicle (one of only 2.1 million built in Oz) could be yours!  (For a couple of hours).

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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