Things I’ve Noticed

Folks, I’ve noticed a few things this week.  Which often happens when I shut my mouth and open my eyes and ears instead.

First up, the weather. 

The spring rains have arrived!  Actual rain in Spring!  Just like we used to get.  I don’t know what’s changed, I don’t care, I’m loving it. 

Ok, this one only delivered 2mm but the next one dumped 55mm! Great Start!

Speaking of quotes, here’s another oldie:  Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is?

Well, I’ll tell you where ‘they is’ – probably attacking me.  In the last two weeks I was swooped by an owl outside my front door, and two magpies (in separate locations) had a go at me while I was driving my car.  Again, I don’t know why, but frankly, I really don’t need this sort of avian aggravation! 

I’ve canned all future bicycle rides until my special riding kit gets delivered.

Have at you varmints!

Apart from maniacal magpies, another thing I’ve noticed through the windscreen of my jalopy, are quite a lot of slow-moving vehicles, caravans, buses and motorhomes sporting NSW and Victorian number plates.  Thanks to the NSW outbreak, this years’ Grey Nomad Queensland pilgrimage season has been extended indefinitely because the southerners can’t return home.   

I’ve also noticed a lot of their vans aren’t equipped with air-conditioners, so they’re going to be in for an extremely sweaty Christmas if the borders don’t open before Santa jets in from what’s left of the North Pole.

I’ve also noticed fuel prices have rocketed in the Sunshine State.  Perhaps the Petrol Oligarchs are trying to rack up profits by gouging the few of us able to drive more than five kilometres?

Now for the news. 

I’ve noticed on most bulletins Rupert and the PM are throwing the kitchen sink at Dan, while occasionally slipping the boot into the WA and Qld Premiers.  SA is probably being ignored because it’s a Liberal held state, while Tasmania is being ignored because, well, out of habit I suppose.

I’ve noticed NSW has won the State of Origin.  Not the footy, the Ruby Princess super spreader event.  In keeping with their gold standard approach, the state has also beaten Victoria’s long held record for highest number of daily infections.

I’ve noticed that while Scotty’s original plan, ‘Operation Let It Rip’ is going gang busters, Glady’s told a weary country that ‘some’ lucky residents of her embattled State will be allowed to go to weddings and picnics this weekend. 

I noticed this announcement wasn’t made public until the rest of the country shipped whatever they could spare of their own much needed vaccine supplies to the Plague State. 

I’ve noticed this meme popping up almost daily usually with Scotty or Glady’s face superimposed: 

I’ve also noticed this comment works for nearly every disaster, bushfires, floods, pandemics…

Speaking of plagues and pestilence, I’ve noticed I’m the only person in the country with a mobile phone who didn’t get a robo-text from Craig Kelly. 

I’ve keenly noticed how extremely grateful I feel about being left out; for a change.

I’ve also noticed how many people were triggered by the text and aren’t buying what Craig and Clive are peddling.

Perhaps the long winter of climate denial, ignorance, rubbery figures, fake news and muddy facts is coming to an ed?

Hope, Springs eternal… long may it ‘rain’.

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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