Fuel Me Once…

The petrol station attendant was dressed like Ned Kelly, which made it slightly easier for me to hand over my lifesavings for the fuel I’d just poured into my ancient wagon.

Her voice was slightly muffled under the helmet.  “The armour keeps me safe,” she said, “but the insults are still getting through.”

I smiled.  Well, it was more of a grimace as my inner Scotsman was having conniptions.  Because, even with the discount, I’d just been chiselled $1.57 cents per litre. 

Apparently relief is on the way, as the big-hearted Godfathers running the oil extortion syndicates have ramped up production in order to ease oil prices in their latest ‘gouge and glut’ sting.   

I recalled a previous shakedown back in 2012 when crude prices went over $140 per barrel and the cost at the pump peaked around $1.53 per litre.

Back then, The Daily Ruperts’ were screeching that it was Federal Labor (and Obamas’) fault hard working motorists were feeling the blow at the bowser.

Today the price per barrel is $85, and a litre in my neck of the woods is $1.60+ (although in Brisbane it’s circling around $1.75+ per litre!)  

Oddly not one of the many unsold newspapers at the checkout were calling for Scomo to sleep with the fishes?

But some wise guy, is making a very nice killing (Note: I checked my bank account, twice, it isn’t me).

Anyway, back in 2012 there wasn’t a thing we could do about blatant racketeering by the untouchable fuel companies, but things have changed; albeit very, very, slowly thanks to the protection racket being run by the Feds

Renewable energy is offering the long-suffering public a way out of this dirty business.  Soon the fossil fuel capos will go the way of the video store outfits.

Or perhaps not, as service stations may transition into battery banks and charging points for EV’s?

Mind you, I’d have thought by now some petrol station owners would be sticking up solar panels atop their massive roofs and hooking them up to EV chargers like they are overseas?

Obviously, I’m not deluded enough to believe they’ll be giving the stuff away, or that we’ll be running our cars for free in future, even if they being charged off our home solar systems, as moves are already afoot to charge motorists for each klm they travel.

It’s literally daylight robbery, so surely petrol station owners must want a piece of the action?

What’s the hold up

Perhaps they’ll become Goodfellas’ and stand and deliver renewable energy to the public, or take on one last big heist before making a quick getaway and going on the lam?

At this stage, I don’t know, but until we fully transition to green power, we’re stuck doing hard time at the bowser.

This article first appeared in the Regrow Queensland e-zine. Check it out!

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