Delightfully Dull

This post first appeared in Regrow Qld in May 2022

Folks, I have to admit life is a little dull at the moment… ISN’T IT GREAT! 

Now, I live in a neck of the woods where nothing much very exciting happens, so each day is pretty much like the one before it. 

Honestly, I can’t believe I used to complain about how boring my hometown is!

This point was hammered home during a weekend break in Brisbane.  Friends there reported Friday and Saturday were the first two rain-free, sunny days in a row for months.

The Bruce Highway looked like it had been hit by a battalion of tanks (which to be fair, is its’ normal condition, but the miles of teeth jarring potholes are much bigger now).

South of Maryborough, previously, parched, weed-filled, grass choked, creeks, rivers and lakes have been thoroughly scoured, and some completely re-routed.

Flood debris is still hanging from trees, fences and power lines.

People who once believed their homes were out of flood reach are still sorting out the damage, while the rest of us tackle mouldy cupboards, clothes and (in my case) vinyl guitar cases.

Top Tip: fill a spray bottle with a mixture of vinegar (usually about 1/4) topped up with water.  Spray directly onto the mould and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Alternatively, you could ignore the mould and see how big it grows.  Although, I’d suggest doing something about it before the microscopic life forms start worshipping you and building miniature ziggurats for sacrificial ceremonies. 

And, speaking of unwelcome, hard to move, life forms, our ex-PM is still living in taxpayer funded luxury at Kirribilli House, because his personal mansion is being renovated.

Many Australians, recently made homeless, should be so lucky!

Even Scott’s pet media outlets have dubbed him ‘Squat Morrison’.  PM Albanese may have to send in cleaners armed with something a little more robust than vinegar to remove ‘Squatmo’ from the furniture.

Frankly, I don’t really care.  The election is over, and life has returned to a level of semi-dreariness which has been missing for far too long.  Sure, things could be better, but we also know they could be much, much worse (and that the wheel will turn again), so right now,  I reckon we should all enjoy a short, but deliciously dull break.

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