Dear Blabby (Again!)

This post was first published in Regrow Qld in June 2022

Folks, it’s time to answer your (mostly unasked) questions in another ‘Dear Blabby’ column!

Note: my lawyers have notified me they’re now on 24-hour standby, so let’s dive in.

Dear Blabby, just as energy prices are rocketing through the roof like a camper who’s been stung by a bee, my solar clothes dryer has gone on the blink!   What can I do to avoid using an electric clothes dryer?  Clammy. 

Dear Clammy – wait a bit longer.  I’m aware your solar unit is not drying as efficiently as it does in Summer, but your clothes will dry eventually.  If it’s raining, use an airer.  Possibly, string up some lines under your house or hang a tarp over your clothesline? 

Or, perhaps you could start wearing some of the old clothes you’ve kept for years.

Alternatively, have you considered the benefits of becoming a naturist? 

Dear Blabby, three weeks ago the LNP told us the Australian economy was in a great shape under their governance.  This week they’re screeching that everything is a complete disaster and it’s all Labor’s fault!  Rupert Reader.

Dear Rupert Reader:  Two things; first up, don’t believe everything (or, pretty much anything) you read in the papers… except for ‘The Phantom’! 

Secondly, three weeks ago the LNP were in power and lying through their pet media outlets how for the last nine years everything wrong with Australia was Labor’s fault. 

Do you see a pattern here?

Dear Blabby, why is the cupboard in my kitchen called a ‘Pantry’ when there are no pants in it?  Unrelated.

Dear Unrelated, this sort of thing used to keep me awake at night too.  But now, in the words of Adam Bandt, ‘Google it!’   Pantry – Wikipedia

Dear Blabby, I’m worried about the state of the reef, should I be?  Fisho.

Dear Fisho, don’t be worried, be alarmed!  Find a conservation group, get informed and join the fight to save this natural wonder.

Dear Blabby, I was recently photographed at a Rainbow Festival.  I was visiting the park toilet and wandered over to hear a wonderful classical strings ensemble.  To quote Seinfeld, ‘I’ve been outed and I wasn’t even in!’   What will people think?  Happy Rover.

Dear Happy Rover, look, I’ve visited plenty of pubs and I’m not an alcoholic (I have a card to prove it!)  So, attending a Rainbow Festival does not make you LGBQIT.  But, your presence will show others you are a tolerant human being who delights in diversity; and classical music. 

Frankly, most people don’t really care about your sexual preferences, they’re too busy getting on with their own lives… and trying to dry their clothes.   

Dear Blabby, opposition leader, Peter Dutton, says voters will now get to see his softer side, do you  think he has one?  Dubious.

Dear Dubious, as we say in Oz, ‘Yeah, nah mate’.

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