Power Down, Prices Up

Folks, I know a little bit about electricity, I’ve been shocked by it far too many times. 

On two, rather exhilarating, occasions I was thrown bodily across a room; my hair is still recovering.

These days I’m flying a lot less thanks to RCD’s, but I’m still getting the odd jolt from my power bills, and have been assured more are to come.

Currently, (pun intended) it’s costing a little over three dollars a day to power my semi-modern lifestyle, and I suspect $2.54 of that is being used to keep my landlord’s ancient fridge running. 

On the plus side, the milk is cold (well, cold-ish), the water hot and I’m not having to pedal like a maniac in order to run the stove, lights, computer and TV.

I can’t begin to tell you how ‘de-lighted’ this makes me on a daily basis.

Even better, this neck of the woods is not known for its’ frequent, icy, polar blasts, so power for heating is not required.  But, four times this Winter I’ve had to pull my old jumper out of the wardrobe. 

Four times!

Still, with the cost of everything shooting up faster than a Bingo winner’s hand, I’m starting to wonder if potentially having to pay six bucks a day for electricity might be the straw that finally breaks this camel’s back?

Or worse, will brown and black outs become the new norm as certain grifters game the electricity market?

Apparently, I’m not alone.  The sombre promises of future electricity price hikes, and regular outages,  is causing more Australians (to the absolute horror of Barnaby, Scott and Matt) to turn their backs on fossil fuels and embrace renewable power and storage alternatives.

As a renter, the options to lower my power bills are fairly limited, but I did trial one potential solution.  Unfortunately, my neighbour quickly located the extension lead, cut it up and flung the pieces back over the fence. 

For some reason, my frequent demands for compensation have been met with hollow, mocking laughter?

Anyway, at times like this, I like to remind myself that things could be worse.  Much, much worse.  I’m grateful to have a place to call home (that isn’t my car), there’s food in the antique fridge and, best of all, we now have a ‘positive’ government in ‘power’ bringing stability to the energy market, which is attracting investors determined to load Oz’s grid with reliable renewable electricity.

A solar farm near Canberra

So, one day, in the not-too-distant future, all our homes will be powered by renewable energy generators.  Excess power will be shared to the grid, or stored in community batteries, for use by heavier users (like owners of a particular brand of fridge… ). 

Happy (less shocking and cheaper, cleaner and greener) Days are on the way!

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