Slower than a Wet Weekend

This post first appeared in Regrow Qld in July 2022

Folks, thanks to the unseasonable rain, I spent last weekend trapped indoors; and loved it! 

You see, Queensland winters are a time of fine, clear, sunny skies, which is why we’re usually busier than a one-legged tap dancer about now. 

Weddings, car shows, sports, markets, parties, camping trips, hikes, family gatherings etc., basically, all the things that are unbearable to organise, or attend, during our sweat-soaked summers, fill nearly every hour of our spare time in the cooler months; both of them.

Which doesn’t leave much time for a decent hibernation. 

Last weekend was pre-filled with so many activities and requests to attend an exhausting number of events, I was starting to think about cloning myself.  Then the rain arrived on Friday and the cancellations started pouring in as well.

Suddenly, I had nothing to do, and all weekend to do it.  Happy Days!

I had time to call family and friends, do some writing, play a little music, sleep in, watch movies, cook, re-organise my sock pile, and generally mooch about in daggy, but very comfy, clothes.

I also sat for a long while watching the rain and thinking, beginning with speculating about how I probably should have taken the washing off the line before it started raining.

Contemplating the sprawling vistas at Bray Manor

Anyway, as my soggy clothes tumbled about in the dryer, I idly pondered how in our ever increasingly busy, 24/7, super-connected world we’ve sort of forgotten that winter is historically a time for resting, reflecting, long conversations, playing games, cooking, reading, writing, composing and generally preparing, physically and mentally, for the long, hot, busy days of Spring and Summer.

In this neck of the woods, we don’t spend months trapped indoors with our families (outside of Covid lockdowns) which, to be honest, is something of a blessing.  We’re not housebound for months, waiting for the snow to melt and the sun to return.  The sun never really goes away here, it just slides northwards a little, taking the blinding humidity with it.

So, we don’t have to deal with long periods of boredom and cabin fever.  Just the opposite in fact.

I don’t think humans are built for frenetic activity all year round, but we do need some time out. 

When’s the last time you had a long run of guilt free naps?  Or read a novel so thick it could double as a foot stool?  Did a mammoth jigsaw puzzle, fiddled around in the shed, sketched, wrote a poem or built a blanket cubby house with the kids or grandkids?  Actually, even if you don’t have kids, it’s still fun to build a blanket cubby house or fort… just sayin’.

When was the last time you sat and watched the rain and had a nice, long think?

Folks, if death is Nature’s way of telling us to slow down, then perhaps cold, wet, weekends are Winter’s way of telling us to chill out?

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