Show Time At the Local Dump!

This post first appeared in Regrow Qld in August 2022

Folks, while most of you were toiling away at work on Monday, I was enjoying a Show Holiday!

Never mind that our annual show was two months ago, I’m a public holiday tart, i.e.:  basically, the sort of hypocrite who will happily enjoy a day off for the Queens’ Birthday even though I’m a staunch republican.

Look, the Show Holiday, like all the others, is pretty much an excuse to either load up and ‘get out of Dodge’, or, spend some extra free time catching up on some much needed sleep or tackling a project.

But with fuel prices still circling slightly lower in the stratosphere, it appears many of my fellow citizens had the same idea last weekend, i.e.: fix the trailer lights and join thousands of others doing a dump run.

So, I joined a lengthy cue of people towing trailers with a dazzling variety of malfunctioning lights at the local tip and, after an epoch, managed to angle park it at the tip face, without damaging any of the vehicles either side of me; too much.

After the abuse had died down, I eagerly added my meagre contribution to our regions’ burgeoning landfill operation then took stock of the refuse about me.

It was mostly broken, or outdated, plastic products, either furniture, tools, cleaning products, pedestal fans, containers, knick knacks, garbage bags full of ‘stuff’, glass, ceramics, Styrofoam boxes or packing.

Nearby were two large skip bins overflowing with computers, printers, and newer, and much bigger, TV sets than the antique radioactive unit I’m still sitting in front of at home.

Over the back, was a Matterhorn of fridges, freezers, microwaves, washing machines and dryers, swing sets, trampoline frames, bikes and other metallic stuff. 

Again, most of it looked less than five years old. 

And behind that was the Cardboard Steppes; not a single tree grew in that double-corrugated, eight-fold, four ply wasteland, but whole forests had been mown down to produce it.

I drove off in a reflective state of mind, pondering how do we stop this waste madness.

As fate would have it, I passed by our empty show grounds and a thought struck me harder than a badly thrown microwave oven at the dump! 

The local show, used to be a place for local vendors, farmers, manufacturers, artisans, hobbyists, artists, and societies other ‘doers’ to SHOW-case their wares, skills, talents and produce.  A quaint reminder of a time when we were proud to produce and consume local goodies.

I’ve got to tell you, 99.9% of the stuff I saw at the tip was not locally made; unless you happen to be a visiting resident of mainland China.  Even the big front-end loader pushing the rubbish into the pit was made in Japan; possibly, I can’t tell anymore.

Folks, we really need to get back to making quality stuff here, locally.

Stuff with a life span longer than that of a slow fly over a trout stream. 

Stuff that doesn’t need to spend 10 days on a ship which will merrily burn through nearly 2000,000 litres of filthy bunker oil to get here!

It will mean paying a bit extra for locally made goodies, but it also means helping small businesses grow and that means local jobs for you and your kids.  Locally spent money stays local and is re-spent locally. 

It’s a long game, but we can do this folks!

Even on on Show Holidays…

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